Maryland – Jolly Roger Amusement Park – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Everyone loves to visit an amusement park so this year when you head to Maryland make sure you include a day visit to the Jolly Roger. This amusement park is located within the greater Jolly Roger and has more than 25 rides and attractions. There is a section of little kid rides that the youngsters can enjoy while older kids and adults will love the roller coaster called Skycoaster.The great thing about the Jolly Roger Amusement Park is that you don’t have to pay to go in. Instead, you pay as you ride meaning you can determine how much you spend. Or, if you have one child who loves to ride rides and another who doesn’t you don’t have to pay for the one who doesn’t. It really works out great. Of course, if you are going to ride with your child on a ride you must pay for your child and you as well.The best idea is to buy a passport to fun card. This card will allow you to simply swipe your card and then ride. You get a better deal and don’t have to wait in line. You can buy this card online or when you arrive. The points on the card do not expire and you can use them anytime. This means you can visit the park and stay for awhile, then leave, come back, and simply tailor your time as you would like. Since there is no admission you have more control over your time there.This is a great place to visit with groups, too, as there are special arrangements that may be made for groups. The Jolly Roger has a swim park, race track, and more, too, for your enjoyment. So you could easily visit the Jolly Roger amusement park one day, the water park the next day, and then the race park the third day. Your schedule is up to you, but you can really make a vacation out of visiting the Jolly Roger!

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